Buying/Selling? FAQ's

For Mining Property Buyers

Q: What is a mining claim?

A: A mining claim is a surveyed parcel recorded with the Government that gives the owner the right to access, explore, occupy and develop its underlying minerals.

Q: How can I be certain that title will be conveyed upon purchase?

A: With information on legal title supplied, do your research and direct questions regarding ownership, maintenance requirements and regulations to the ministry or government office in the jurisdiction the property is located in. We may be able to supply these contacts upon request. There also are many services, including lawyers, and that allow a safe and guaranteed transfer of title to your name or company before the seller can access funds, especially in cases of international sales.

Q: If I buy a mining claim, how long do I own it for?

A: In most regions, as long as your claim is renewed before its expiry date it's yours to keep. Keep your property in good standing by paying the yearly fees due, and on most properties the work you perform on it can be partially or completely credited towards the yearly fees due.

Q: What is the difference between a Mineral Claim and a Placer Claim?

A: Minerals vary in the way they are deposited. A mineral claim is used when the target minerals occur in hard rock, such as gold bearing quartz veins. A placer claim is used when the target minerals occur in loose gravels, such as gold or platinum nuggets, jade boulders, etc.

Q: What if I am contacted by a mining company to develop my claim?

A: If your claim covers ground currently targeted by mining companies, you may receive a financial offer to sell or lease the rights to your claim. You may wish to retain a net smelter return (NSR), which is a royalty or percentage paid to you based on of the value of the minerals developed.


For Mining Property Sellers - Using Broker Services

Q: What is required to list my Mining Property with's brokerage service?

A: We require a summarized description of the property: size, title type, legal name of the property, legal name of owner, location of the mining property or surface property, and permission of the owner to sell the title , and may request proof of ownership. We accept full geological reports and encourage your thoughts and comments.

Q: What are your terms?

A: Our fees are normally 10% of the final sale price of the property, only when sold. Terms of leases, joint ventures, and options may in some cases be brokered through us. No upfront fees are required.

Q: What services will you provide to market my property?

A: We market through a large targeted network of vertical online and print media: newspapers, magazines, websites, blogs and a network of agents who receive referral fees from us to find you a buyer. We actively participate in industry tradeshows to market our inventory to decision makers and investors, including repeat clientele of public and public companies.


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